The Terror (Season One)

Clumsy historical horror struggles for a reason to exist

What’s The Show?The Terror (Season One)

What’s It All About, JG? Other than testing the audience’s patience? Two 19th century British ships go looking for the Northwest passage, get trapped as the sea freezes around them, and find themselves stalked by…. something. Wooo-oooh! Tempers run high in the crew (just like Battlestar Galactica), theres’s tension on the lower decks (just like Battlestar Galactica), there’s unexpected deaths (just like Battlestar Galactica), there’s an alcoholic who’s doing a poor job of hiding his problem (just like Battlestar Galactica), there’s inexpensive CGI (just like Battlestar Galactica), there’s two authority figures butting heads (just like Battlestar Galactica)… Even the Inuit woman that gets taken on board could be swapped out for the tortured Six. So, 19th century Battlestar Galactica, basically, with a bit of Lost’s “is this going to go anywhere?”, but also catastrophically dull. So. Fucking. Dull.

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An Introduction…

In which I will, as the title suggests, do a general write-up of a bunch of TV shows and movies (or maybe one or two other things – that’s just how exciting it is) as and when the fancy takes me, and give this whole “brevity” thing a try. I watch way too much television and far too many films, so might as well scrawl something about it. This time I shall be dispensing with my usual redemptive reading approach and just rabbiting away. Spoilers, if I make it far enough into the show for that to be relevant.