The Rig

How scary can an oil rig and some fog be? Pretty damned scary!

The Sandman

Neil Gaimen’s The Sandman has finally made it to screen! But is it such stuff as dreams are made of?

Abba Voyage

After forty years, Abba are back with an album and a huge virtual concert. But is the gig worth all the fuss around it?

Dans le Noir

A top London restaurant and a unique concept – but can the food live up to the memorable approach to serving it?

Beatles Stuffology Podcast – Episode 25: Till There Was You

Click Here To Listen Till There Was You is up for discussion this week, as JG and Andrew delve into another one of the cover versions on With The Beatles. Is the track as chintzy as its reputation? Do the band make a good fist of a complicated number? Plus we return to one of…

Beatles Stuffology Podcast – Episode 23: Little Child

Click Here To Listen This episode, JG and Andrew turn their attention to “Little Child”, which turns out to be a Lennon/McCartney Original and not a cover version at all! What difference does knowing how something was recorded make to appreciating a song? Should this have been a Ringo song, as was originally intended? And…

Strange New Worlds: Season 1, Episode 8 – “The Elysian Kingdom”

[Apologies for delay: life stuff. I’ll get to the other episodes eventually] The running thread of Dr M’Benga’s sick daughter, and his efforts to cure her, has been just that – a running thread. It’s come up in a couple of episodes, it’s been absent from a couple of episodes, but it’s been used to…

Beatles Stuffology Podcast – Episode 23: Don’t Bother Me

Click Here To Listen We turn to George’s first Beatles song on an album this episode as JG and Andrew cover “Don’t Bother Me”.  How does George’s first attempt at songwriting stack up against Lennon and McCartney? Is his solo output worth bothering (ho ho) with? And how contentious will the final score be?  …

Slow Horses

What’s The Show, JG? Slow Horses What’s It All About? After screwing up a training mission, MI5 officer River Cartwright is kicked downstairs to the so-called Slow Horses of Slough House, a dumping ground for failed agents. This is a humiliation where instead of pretending to be James Bond, he’s stuck with tedious paperwork overseen…


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