About Me

The person that wrote all this nonsense. Obviously.


JG has been writing about stuff – always stuff – for simply ages, so it seemed like a good idea to gather it all in one place, and that’s what this is. Stuff. In one place.

After wandering around quite a number of places, JG currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland – it’s a wonderful city, you should all come visit sometime. He the co-host and producer of Talking Who To You, a podcast dedicated to the Big Finish audio adventures of Doctor Who, and Beatles Stuffology, a track-by-track discussion of the Beatles’ back catalogue. He is the author of three books: Think Good Thoughts: A Redemptive Review Of Star Trek: Voyager Volume 1 & 2  and Memoir! A Memoir! The Life And Somewhat Rambling Times Of Jack S.T. Derbyshire, a fictional memoir. All available from Amazon in new-fangled Kindle and old-fangled paper forms, and are worth a few Grotzit’s of anyone’s money.

It’s really strange writing this in the third person. So I shall stop.

Oh, I’m not on social media, so there’s no links below – make of that what you will. But an eMail would be nice. I do like it when people can form sentences.


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